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Today I show you 13 of the most beautifulExamples of 3D advertisingin 2023, which can bring you wonderful visual enjoyment!

Every business wants to attract more attention from potential customers, but it may find it difficult to stand out from the growing hype of competitors and has achieved little on its own, so patience is wearing thin.

in this postI'll show you how these 13 awesome 3D billboards will drive human traffic and generate huge profits.available to advertisers in innovative ways.

What is a 3D billboard?

3D billboards is a new outdoor platform that creates an unforgettable viewing experience. It combines billboard advertising and 3D technology.

The result of these digital billboards is a creative and engaging experience, more engaging than the traditional advertising we are used to.

1. Outdoor 3D da Netflix

He20m zombie tiger in 3D digital billboardIt is located in Piccadilly Circus, London. It was created to celebrate the release of director Zack Snyder's new blockbuster, Army of the Dead.

In the past, a real tiger may have been treated inhumanely during filming and condemned by some animal welfare organizations.

However, using 3D visual effect to create the tiger can better protect animal rights and provide viewers with unparalleled viewing experiences than previous 2D advertising.

The tiger was inspired by the animals at Big Cat Rescue featured on the Netfilx Tiger King series, and last but not least, the huge outdoor 3D billboard helps achieve the goals of animal-friendly advertising and skyrocketing profits!

2. 3D Coca Cola billboard in Times Square

Recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's first and largest 3D billboard, the sign has set a new benchmark for the creative use of technology in Times Square.

The world's first and largest dynamic 3D billboardwas inspired by 3D design and mixed reality elements. The height is six stories, and the digital billboard has 1,700 independent computer-controlled LED display modules that provide dynamic movement.

3. Red XIII 3D Ad Samples

Amazing 3D Res XIII video wall in Omotesando, Tokyo Japan! Realistic animation can delight the fans of this series and promote the videos much better!

While it has nothing to do with any DLC or sequels to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, it is still possibleEntertain people with eye-catching videos!

(Video) 9 the Most Stunning 3D LED Billboard Examples!

4. Nike 3D-LED-Display em Shinjuku Tokio

It's a 3D ad for commercial purposes only, but it's still a lot of fun and awesome!

The Nike Air Max series is perfectly staged in this outdoor video advertising space across from the train station and attracts a lot more attention than you might think!

Can you absolutely believe that this screen hasgreater awareness of the Nike brand and potential sales volume.

This is really a super cute cat on screen and people all over the world would love to see it, no doubt.

The cat jump looks like it's happening in the real world, and the creators spent a lot of time and energy tweaking the angle and details to make it look real.

what magicthe combination of high quality LED billboard and 3D content!

6. Fortnite x Balenciaga 3D OOH ad

Attention-grabbing 3D OOH advertising is achieved using Unreal Engine and real-time ray tracing technology.

It features a Balenciaga favorite Fortnite pup perched above the sidewalks. Advanced 3D OOH advertising technology makes the dog really look like real life!

7. Giant 3D Tokyo Dog, super cute

The super cute 3D dog named Hachi appeared on the giant 3D billboard in Japan. If you love dogs, you have to see how cute they are!

The screen itself is high definition and has a high contrast ratio to represent this furry animal.

8. Outdoor Vivo X80 3D in Shenzhen, China

For the launch of Vivo X80 in Shenzhen, this billboard with beautiful 3D content was created.

The telephone in parametric space undergoes many transformations to appear renewed before the world.

Not like other billboards that usually hang on the wall, it's more likeStanding on the ground with the special corner design.People can feel the incredible effect up close.

(Video) Do you like installing LED screens like this?#shorts #eagerled #led #ledscreen #leddisplay

9. 3D wave wall panels for public media art

The stunning visual content of Digital Out of Home brings a new experience to the world!

"WAVE" with anamorphic illusion was successfully presented on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE, the largest and highest definition outdoor advertising screenin South Korea at 80.1 m (width) x 20.1 m (height).

10. Wuhan - 3D billboard "The Lion King".

In Taikoo Li, a prairie lion leaps onto the naked-eye 3D screen. The sun and moon rise and set in the area. Wuhan Where Real Estate displays its fun nature. Feel the Lion King's unique outdoor advertising style together with FLINT WALK!

11. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series External 3D Video Display – A Tiger

Samsung released a 3D video display to celebrate its Galaxy series.The large LED wall immediately caught people's attention.Tiger Leap breaks the slogan that symbolizes imprisonment and the determination to move forward and break the outdated rules.

12. Public media art "ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE"

This gigantic 3D LED wall in Korea conveys this concept: people with different values ​​can harmonize.

This LED wall shows us a world in which we can also communicate optimally with different cultures and different personalities.

13. 3D LED display strict content

„The Infinity Wall“, located andNexen's Seoul Research and Development Center is a screen 30 meters wide and 7 meters highthat appears three-dimensional through the use of smart and creative content. What an attractive way to activate a lobby.

Complete guide for 3D billboards 2023!

Read this guide to learn all about 3D billboards! We will discuss this topic under several important aspects, including:

How much does a 3D billboard cost?

How does the 3D billboard work?

Are these 3D billboards real?

(Video) Front and rear maintenance of itc LED display

What company makes 3D billboards?

How much does a 3D billboard cost?

To determine the cost of a 3D billboard, we can consider two different situations: creating a 3D billboard or simply renting one.

(1) If you decide to create your own 3D displays, please consider the following:

A. Display specification

For example, screen size, brightness, pixel density and contrast ratio.

3D content

Sometimes the cost of 3D content is even higher than the cost of the screen. However, you will find that high quality 3D content has a significant impact on the final effect.

C. Installation

Installation cost includes structure fee and labor cost.

(2) 3D LED display rental

A 3D billboard can cost, on average, between $1,200 and $15,000 per month. The range of fees varies.

How does the 3D billboard work?

Essentially,The 3D LED screen features two separate images captured from different angles, which are combined and displayed together in a single shot.

This technique gives footage a three-dimensional appearance. Our vision then perceives the resulting images in stereo, with slightly different perspectives for each eye, resulting in the immersive experience that 3D technology offers. That is, a visual trick obtained through 3D technology to allow our brain to perceive depth.

The 3D digital billboard uses digital media and techniques to achieve its three-dimensional effect rather than relying on traditional structures.

The 13 most impressive 3D billboard advertising examples (2023) - Linsn LED (1)

Similar to the image above, 3D images are created when your left and right eyes receive different images respectively. Although the screen itself is still two-dimensional, you can feel that things on the screen are real.

Are these 3D billboards real?

If you already know the working principle of 3D billboards, then you will get the answer to this question: 3D billboards are not real.

It's actually a 2D LED display, but with 3D content, it looks like a real 3D display!

To create a 3D billboard, here are some basic components:

(1) Curved Screen

The curved LED screen corner is important for people to watch 3D content as it helps to improve the visual effect.

(2) High quality 3D content

High quality 3D content has a decisive influence on the final effect. So find a reliable 3D content provider to produce it for you.

The process for this can usually look like this:

A. Discuss preliminary/preview/creative style: PDF, image, design drawings, creative explanation, etc.

B. Organization of customer data: eg. B. Logo, character intellectual property, text creation, etc.

C. Data Collection: Intended for information on the website

D. Action Notice: It is formulated for on-site information

(3) Basic settings

A. High refresh: ≥3840Hz

B. High gray levels: ≥14 bits

C. High dynamic contrast

(Video) How does remote controlled led display screen work with 4g or wifi through Vnnox cloud platform

D. Configure multi-graphics card

What company makes 3D billboards?

Linsn LED is one of the most competitive 3D screen manufacturers, and we provide high quality 3D screens to customers all over the world!

(1) More than 10 years experience;

(2) Solutions for over 110 countries;

(3) 7/24 hour service;

(4) 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts;

(5) 8,000㎡ of factory space;

(6) 5000㎡+ production capacity.

For 3D displays, we have a range of mature solutions, from products to services! Just get in touch with us, we will take care of all the details you need for your pending projects.

High quality 3D LED displays and solutions.

Click here


These are the 13 most beautiful examples of 3D advertising in the world!

The best part is that viewers can have beautiful visual experiences but at the same time be informed about brand images and promotional activities.

If these cases inspired you, we would appreciate it if you shared the publication on social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Also, I would like to hear from you: would you like to get?Pantalla LED 3Dwith such an amazing visual effect to increase your profit and increase your brand awareness? Send us a message and let us know!

To know more!

3D LED display solution

1. What is 3D LED display? 2. 3D LED display application 3. Our solutions 4. What can LinsnLED team offer you? 5. What

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What is 3D LED billboard? ›

3D billboards are large, digital billboards that use 'Naked eye' 3D image technology to create a vivid sense of perspective and depth to the viewer.

How much does it cost to advertise on a 3D billboard? ›

How Much Do 3D Billboards Cost? The average cost of having 3D billboard advertisements varies from a range of $1,200 to $15,000 per month. But the cost also depends on the scope of the project you want to have.

What company makes 3D billboards? ›

Queppelin designs, produces, and furnishes visually appealing content for 3D Billboards. Combining creativity and technology, we give viewers an amazingly realistic and vivid visual experience.

Are there 3D billboards in the US? ›

Hyper-realistic 3D OOH ads have been stunning passersby on busy streets in China, South Korea, the US, Japan and the UK recently.

How do 3D LED billboards work? ›

How do 3D billboards offer natural 3D views? 3D Anamorphic Billboards use stereopsis to create a perception of depth in the viewer's mind resulting in 3D visuals. They project two images of the same object taken from two different angles corresponding to the distance between the spectator's eyes.

Are those 3D Billboards real? ›

3D billboard is a modern way of advertising that utilizes 'Naked eye' 3D image technology to create an optical illusion for the viewer. The subject on the billboard projects out and the viewer feels that the subject is coming out of the screen.

What is the most expensive billboard ad? ›


As we reported earlier, Google bought the most expensive billboard in the world. The company will have to pay $ 2.5 million for placement on the billboard in the center of New York. The advertising space in Times Square belongs to Clear Channel.

How much does a 1000 impressions billboard cost? ›

Billboard CPM & impressions, explained

Per a PJ Solomon report released in 2021, the average CPM of a bulletin (the largest-sized billboard) ranges between $2 and $7 per thousand impressions. For posters (smaller-sized billboards), CPMs tend to be within the range of $2-10 per thousand impressions.

Can anyone buy a billboard ad? ›

Yes. You can buy a billboard and lease it out to outdoor advertisers (or advertise on it yourself for free). Of course, not all billboards will be for sale.

What is the most profitable 3D printing business? ›

What type of 3D printing business is most profitable? Medical 3D printing businesses are the most profitable type of 3D printing business. This is because there is a high demand for medical prosthetics and implants, which can be produced with 3D printers.

Where are 3D billboards located? ›

In the world of public advertising, 3D billboards have been all the rage in the past few years. Social media sites are filled up with realistic and impactful 3D ads playing on the streets of Chengdu, Seoul, London and Tokyo, to name but a few.

What makes the best billboard design? ›

What makes a good billboard ad? Memorable, easy to understand, clear and easy to read are all factors in a good billboard ad. It should convey a concise message that is not overbearing to read or acknowledge while also being eye-catching.

What 4 states don t allow billboards? ›

Combined with those on local and state roads there are likely over 2 million billboards in the United States today. Four states prohibit all billboards: Maine, Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii. Larger cities with prohibitions on new billboards include Houston, Los Angeles, St.

Does Times Square have 3D Billboards? ›

Matthew Edwards: The billboard is in fact two screens that sit at a 90-degree angle from each other, wrapping around the corner of the building in Times Square. This is what allows us to create the illusion of space and the 3D effect.

How much does a virtual billboard cost? ›

For standard billboards, average cost can range from $1,500 to $30,000 a month. Larger and more elaborate digital billboards typically start at $65,000 and the price goes up from there.

What is the disadvantage of LED billboard? ›

LED Disadvantages

Ads rotate quickly, and yours might have only seconds to catch the attention of potential customers. Ads on LED boards are much more expensive than traditional billboard ads. LED billboards have also drawn fire from those concerned about their potential to distract drivers and cause accidents.

Can LED lights be used in billboards? ›

Longer lifespan – LED billboard lights can work from 50,000 hours. Since these lights need to run continuously at night, they need to be durable and made of the best quality materials.

What resolution should a LED billboard be? ›

Highway Billboard LED Sign Resolution

The sign should have a pixel pitch of 26mm and a matrix of 36x72 to ensure the sign is readable from a far distance and at highway speeds of 40+ mph.

Do people actually pay attention to billboards? ›

Are Billboards Effective? According to the Arbitron In-Car Study, 71% of people look at billboards while driving. More than 50% said that they actively pay attention to the messages of those same billboards. On average, Americans spend about 300 hours total in the car every year.

Why are there billboards with just eyes? ›

Eye Level Billboards provide brands the ability to interrupt consumers and lift their heads out of their phones.

Why use 3D Billboards? ›

These digital billboards use naked eye 3D image technology to create a vivid sense of perspective and depth to the viewer. This creates an optical illusion that makes the viewer feel as if the subject of the billboard is coming out of the screen.

How much does a billboard ad cost per day? ›

For example, billboard costs average between $750 and $1,500 per month in rural areas. In small to midsize cities, the costs rise to between $1, and $2,000. In larger cities where many more people will see them, the cost of billboards rises to between $14,000 and $15,000.

How much does 1 billboard cost? ›

The total cost of a billboard, taking these factors into consideration, will vary between classic and digital billboards. Theclassic billboards can costas low as $250 per month, especially when they are in rural areas, and as much as $14,000 per month or more if they're located in midsize or large cities.

What is the most expensive show to advertise? ›

The Most Expensive TV Ads cost $700k+, but the Real Cost is Much Higher
1Sunday Night FootballNBC
2Thursday Night FootballFOX
3This is UsNBC
4The Masked SingerFOX
16 more rows

How much money is 1,000 impressions? ›

In advertising, the viewing of an advertisement would be considered an impression. So if one person views it, we'd call that one impression. Advertising buys are typically purchased by the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). So $50 CPM would be $50 for 1,000 impressions.

How much should you pay for 1,000 impressions? ›

What is a good cost per thousand? It all depends on your industry, advertising budget, and CPM pricing model, but the average online advertising cost per thousand impressions an advertiser pays would be around $3-$10. if you pay less than $3 for one thousand impressions, you probably have a pretty good CPM.

How much does a 1000 impressions cost in Google ads? ›

The cost per thousand (CPM), also called cost per mille, is the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page. If Google Ads charges a $1.00 CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $1.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.

Who actually owns billboards? ›

Billboard (stylized as billboard) is an American music and entertainment magazine published weekly by Penske Media Corporation. The magazine provides music charts, news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style related to the music industry.

Can you put whatever you want on a billboard? ›

Some areas they tend to be sensitive to include extreme politics, overly sexual content or nudity, endorsement of illegal activities, curse words, and guns. Keep in mind that while you do have your First Amendment right to free speech, you don't have a right to place your message on a billboard.

How do I sell my billboard? ›

For billboard owners, the best and most simple way to sell advertising space is to place an ad on the billboard itself. If your location is prime, this may be all you need to do. Place your phone number on the ad and let people know the space is up for sale.

What 3D model sells the most? ›

Animals, space, plant/tree and character human 3D models are the most in demand. Our data shows that these categories are the most liquid categories adjusted for the number of models. Overall, there are no winner-takes-all categories in 3D and all categories get sales.

What kind of 3D models sell the most? ›

But the truth is not all 3D models will sell. It's a hard pill to swallow, especially after hours of sacrificed production time. It's important that we focus on which 3D models will sell and which won't. In short, we found that the 3D model categories that sell best are animals, cars, space, science and medical.

What is the most popular 3D printed item? ›

Miniatures have a huge following and are one of the most popular 3D items to print.

What is the best billboard placement? ›

Billboards should be clearly aligned to face traffic and should not be at odd angles that require the viewer to look in an uncomfortable or awkward direction. They also should be placed at a clearly readable height within the driver's frame of a vision.

How much does a 3D billboard cost in Times Square? ›

A billboard can range in cost from $5,000 for a 1 day program to well over $50,000. Typically, the minimum amount of money required to advertise for a short amount of time 1-3 days ranges between $5,000-$25,000.

What city banned billboards? ›

The city of Nantes in western France has recently banned most electronic billboards, dismantling 110 in one night. And that's only the start. A number of French cities are going to war against street advertising which they say is ugly, anti-ecological and anti-social.

What color is best for billboards? ›

Billboard ads aren't the time to go boring with your color choices. Choose bold colors since they'll be more noticeable from considerable distances. Contrasting colors will improve Readability. Ideal options include black, white, red, yellow, and blue.

What is the weakness of billboard advertising? ›

One of the main things billboard detractors will cite is the fact that potential customers can't take the board with them. Meaning, they likely can't stop to take a picture of one if they're in the car. So the concern becomes whether or not they're likely to remember the ad by the time they get home.

What are some common billboard design mistakes? ›

Don't make these common billboard design mistakes!
  • Poor Billboard Photography. When you're advertising a product, always remember to have the best photo quality possible. ...
  • Cluttered Design. This is a VERY common mistake, and one that is very understandable too. ...
  • Lack of Contrast. ...
  • Poor Placement. ...
  • Choosing Poor Font Styles.

Who owns the most billboards in the US? ›

Real Estate. With more than 153,000 billboard faces in North America, Lamar is one of the largest out-of-home advertising companies in the world. We have billboards on property owned by more than 60,000 individuals and businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

Why did Hawaii ban billboards? ›

Why not? Well, perhaps the most important reason is that they obstruct the stunning views you can find from virtually every vantage point on the islands. Hawaii is not the only state to have this law (Vermont, Maine, and Alaska also have no billboards), but it is the first.

What city has the most billboards? ›

1. Los Angeles: When it comes to billboard advertising, Los Angeles is always going to be a top choice. Los Angeles is a large city that gets tons of foot traffic throughout the entire city and surrounding areas. Not to mention that this is a city with millions of people on the road each day.

How much does it cost to setup a 3D billboard? ›

How Much Do 3D Billboards Cost? The average cost of having 3D billboard advertisements varies from a range of $1,200 to $15,000 per month. But the cost also depends on the scope of the project you want to have.

How are 3D Billboards done? ›

Digital Billboards display computer-generated images using software, as opposed to traditional static Billboards that typically use vinyl. 3D DOOH takes images from different perspectives and combines them into one source to create an optical illusion that the human eye views as almost lifelike.

How do people make 3D Billboards? ›

3D Digital billboards work in the same way as other 3D displays. Two different images are displayed on the screen. These two images are captured from two different perspectives. Then these two images are combined into single footage.

How much can you make owning a billboard? ›

Profits generated by billboard companies can reach up to 50% before depreciation, taxes, amortization and interest. It commonly takes between 7 and 10 years to pay off the initial cost of the purchase of land and the construction of a billboard. Once that has been accomplished, profits increase significantly.

Are digital billboards cheaper? ›

Traditional billboards can range from $250-$550/month in rural areas to $1,500 – $4,000/month in small to mid-size cities. Digital billboard prices start at around $3000/month and can go up to as much as $10,000/month in major metropolitan areas.

How long does it take to build a billboard? ›

The great news is that making a billboard is usually an incredibly efficient process. In most cases, once your graphic is designed and you know where your billboard is going, it usually only takes about two to three weeks for your billboard to get installed.

What is 3D LED display? ›

3D LED screen is a display that allows the display of 3D effects that can be seen with the naked eye without the need for professional glasses. This screen offers extremely realistic 3D effects, can perfectly display the content, and attract the eyes of passersby.

Why use 3D billboards? ›

These digital billboards use naked eye 3D image technology to create a vivid sense of perspective and depth to the viewer. This creates an optical illusion that makes the viewer feel as if the subject of the billboard is coming out of the screen.

What is the purpose of LED billboard? ›

Enhanced Visibility and Recognition

You can easily place LED billboards within the reach of the customer, both indoors and outdoors, to display rich content. The more people see that content, the more recognition of your brand grows.

What are the different types of 3D display? ›

Many 3D displays are stereoscopic displays, which produce a basic 3D effect by means of stereopsis, but can cause eye strain and visual fatigue. Newer 3D displays such as holographic and light field displays produce a more realistic 3D effect by combining stereopsis and accurate focal length for the displayed content.

Can you 3D print an LED? ›

Generally speaking, you have three options when it comes to simple light sources that work well with 3D prints: LED strips. LED lightbulbs. Small diodes.

What is the difference between LED display and LED display? ›

Both types of displays use liquid crystals to help create an image. The difference is in the backlights. While a standard LCD monitor uses fluorescent backlights, an LED monitor uses light-emitting diodes for backlights.

What is the impact of 3D advertising? ›

3D advertisements offer a unique appeal to the customer through real-time interactivity and manipulation. This results in enhanced user engagement with the product, which improves sales conversion through better experience and understanding of the product and the brand.

What is the biggest drawback of using billboard advertising? ›

We've found it to be quite worth it, especially when you know what you're doing!
  • Billboard Costs. One of the main disadvantages of billboards is their price tag. ...
  • Weather Damage. ...
  • Poor Location. ...
  • An Ad They Can't Take With Them.

Why 3D is more popular? ›

Motion communication: 3D animation has a greater and superior ability to portray movement. Visual appeal: 3D animation is much more appealing and realistic. Good quality: 3D has a higher quality compared to 2D. In demand: Most people now prefer 3D over 2D animation.

What is the advantage of 3D display? ›

In contrast to 3D films requiring 3D glasses, a naked-eye 3D display screen can provide viewers with a perception of depth without the need for such eyewear. To briefly explain, when our eyes see an object, we see two different tiny pictures because of the small distance between our left and right eyes.

Why is 3D design so popular? ›

3D Modeling is Getting Increasingly Popular Because:

It is instruction-less: Unlike 2 D drawings, 3D designs have no language barriers and are instruction-less. Designers think it's one of the biggest pluses.

What are advantages of billboard? ›

Billboards allow companies to reach a huge variety of customers with a single advertising tactic. Instead of spending extra time and money to identify and research niche target customer groups, a billboard allows you to reach a large part of the diverse general population.

What is the most important thing in billboard? ›

One of the main strategies we use to decide on good creative is the three B's of billboard design: brevity, branding, and borders. Brevity is key in most advertising.

What makes an effective billboard? ›

What makes a good billboard ad? Memorable, easy to understand, clear and easy to read are all factors in a good billboard ad. It should convey a concise message that is not overbearing to read or acknowledge while also being eye-catching.


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