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Running your own business can be difficult. Between managing inventory, keeping employees happy and dealing with competition, business owners can deal with a lot of different problems at the same time, and that's not even true when you consider what a business dealing with smuggling looks like and what that means. . The original television series "Power" is part of the popularDrama Crimegenre, and is about the relentless efforts of James Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) to build a massive criminal enterprise in New York City. Power proved to be hugely successful, inspiring several spin-off shows, including Power Book IV: Force.

Power Book IV: Force focuses squarely on Tommy's struggles in an all-new city after he leaves New York City to start over. Focusing his efforts on his hometown of Chicago, Tommy uses his cunning, intimidation skills and connections to build a new empire based on illegal activities. However, as anyone who has watched any of the TV shows in the "Power" franchise knows, Tommy faces an uphill battle in almost every direction, so a single season probably wasn't enough to tell Tommy's full story.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming season 2 of Power Book IV: Force.

When do you know or Power Book IV: Force Season 2?

Thankfully, it looks like fans of Power Book IV: Force won't have to wait too long to see the next chapter in Tommy's life. The first season of Power Book IV: Force premiered in early February 2022, and the final episode of season 1 was released on April 17, 2022. It has now been confirmed that season 2 of Power Book IV: Force will be released in April 1. , 2022. September 2023. Also, at the time of writing, season 2 will have ten episodes, similar to the original season. However, this show is released weekly, so fans will only see one episode every Friday.

in conversation withcasio life, Joseph Sikora got the chance to talk about how he thinks Tommy is different in Power Book IV: Force than he was in the original series. Sikora explained, "Well, I think Tommy is so alone in this spin-off. It's the only spin-off that doesn't take place in the 5 boroughs of New York, so Tommy really is a fish out of water." Sikora continued, "I love new experiences when Tommy has nothing and not just himself but an entire organization. Or at least a branch of the lease needs to be rebuilt. And then he too makes the decision not to go to Los Angeles but to figure out that maybe Chicago could." I have what I'm looking for and I have the courage, courage, tools and presence to stay and do it my way."

What is the plot of Power Book IV: Force Season 2?

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Fans of Power Book IV: Force Season 1 know that Tommy faces many obstacles, and in building a criminal empire based in Chicago, Tommy makes many enemies and allies. The final episode of season one was incredibly shocking for some, largely due to the deaths of key characters. With numerous factions and groups competing against or with Tommy, and the fact that Tommy enters season two furious over Liliana's (Audrey Esparza) death, viewers can expect shifting alliances, brutal revenge and emotional moments. In other words, everything fans love about the “Power” series will be present in season two.

In an interview withTV fan, Joseph Sikora made some predictions for the second season. "I feel like Tommy, I hope he doesn't let his feelings get in the way too much," Sikora said. “We see that anger at him sometimes gets the better of him. And I think this will disturb you. I think that if you allow yourself to be dominated by your emotions, it will be much more difficult to get revenge. And I believe in that." Revenge is close to his heart. I mean, that's his main concern. Tommy is a big believer in the "an eye for an eye" principle.

Sikora added that she doesn't think Tommy is a forgiving guy and that in season two she will focus on doing everything right and fair, at least in Tommy's eyes.

Who is in the cast of season 2 of Power Book IV: Force?

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As for the cast, many seem already confirmed for the second season.Deadlinesreports that in addition to the return of Joseph Sikora as the title character, audiences can also expect Lili Simmons, Tommy Flanagan, Lucien Cambric, Anthony Flemming III, Shane Harper, Carmela Zumbado, Miriam A. Hyman, and Manuel Eduardo Ramirez, to name a few. some. . Of course, with Power Book IV: Force boasting an expansive cast, and with Tommy's efforts to take on Chicago's illicit drug trade, it's almost certain that some new faces will join the cast.

in conversation withblack movies and tv, Sikora confirmed that more characters from the "Power" series may appear in the second season. "You never know who will show up in the 'Power' universe," Sikora said. "Everything is connected."

Sikora specifically mentioned Ghost as a possible candidate for a comeback. “There have been a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding Omari Hardwick's Ghost because Ghost has been mentioned throughout 'Power Force' season,” Sikora said. "I keep saying he's dead. Is there a chance that Ghost survived the shooting, even though we saw him lying on the ground with blood gushing from his chest?"

Who is the Executive Producer and Executive Producer of Power Book IV: Force Season 2?

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In addition to an impressive cast, Power Book IV: Force Season 2 also boasts some incredible behind-the-scenes talent. Courtney A. Kemp created the second season of Power Book IV: Force, and Gary Lennon will serve as showrunner. With credits on HBO's original TV series Power and Euphoria, Lennon knows how to navigate the emotional and risky moments. In addition to the creator and showrunner, Power Book IV: Force also produces many big names like Kemp himself,Curtis „50 cents“ Jackson, Mark Canton, Terri Kopp and Chris Selak.

In an interview withEast American Writers' GuildLennon spoke about being the showrunner of the "Power" series. “Yes, I got to the second season of 'Power'. They had already filmed the first season and were done," Lennon said. "I walked in and met Courtney Kemp, who created the show. We noticed right away, there was a calm atmosphere between us... We're like a ping-pong match. We played very well against each other, with each other. Very good." .

Is there a trailer for Power Book IV: Force Season 2?

While the full trailer for Power Book IV: Force Season 2 has yet to be released, a new teaser was recently released that gives an idea of ​​what viewers can expect when the series returns. The short trailer opens with Tommy driving his classic car and the scene immediately switches to a group of FBI agents. Then, an actor early on says he wants to know everything about those responsible, hinting that a government agency in Chicago is getting involved, which could be problematic for Tommy and his early plans.

Tommy is then heard saying that they rule the city and several quick scenes play to big band music. These scenes are full of violence, shootings, aggressive actions, explosions, deaths and strong firepower. The peek ends with Tommy saying he's back, but not before punching someone and headbutting another.

Needless to say, the Power Book IV: Force Season 2 trailer definitely has a few things fans can look forward to.

Where to watch the second season of Power Book IV: Force?

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Not surprisingly, Starz is the only place to watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2. As mentioned above, Power Book IV: Force will continue with a staggered release, meaning only one episode will be available each Friday. That said, if you're interested in watching the new season of Power Book IV: Force, or perhaps catching up on the first season, you'll need to have access to Starz one way or another. Fortunately, there are several options and pricing options for the service, ranging from a simple add-on to an existing cable package to direct access through a Starz subscription.

For those without cable, a Starz subscription is the only way to watch Power series entries. However, it's also possible to combine Starz with Hulu if you have that service. Starz usually costs around $9 a month, but they often have special offers that can significantly reduce costs for a period of time. Ultimately, though, Starz access is mandatory to watch the upcoming second season of Power Book IV: Force.

How do you rate Power Book IV: Force Season 2?

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As you've probably gathered, in keeping with the rest of the Power series, Power Book IV Season 2: Force will not be suitable for children. The general theme and plot of these shows involve drug dealing, giving "Power Book IV: Force" at least the equivalent of an R rating, which is the TV-MA rating for television. Drugs aside, there are countless actions that support criminal activity including murder, intimidation, violence, profanity, nudity, and just about anything else you can think of to highlight that Power Book IV: Force is definitely something for adult viewers.

to checkcommon sense mediaThat site notes that Power Book IV: Force is recommended for an audience 17 and older, and they mention the large amount of sexual content, drug use, profanity, and very little positive messaging. There's absolutely no indication that Power Book IV: Force is any different than any other TV series in the Power franchise, and even in the aforementioned trailer, people are getting shot and punched.

However, "Power Book IV: Force" was a complete success.rotten tomatoesWe're giving season 1 a perfect 100% critical rating, so let's hope season 2 stays that way.


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