20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (2023)

You've been to Jamaica, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands, but what about Grenada? You might be wondering if Grenada is worth visiting. I was wondering the same thing so I did a lot of research and found hundreds of reasons why you should visit Grenada. This article only covers the top 20 to get you started.

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1. Where is Grenada anyway?

2. Beaches

3. Cycling

4. Vogelbeobachtung

5. Climate

6. Hiking

7. history

8. Island hopping

10. National Parks

11. Off the beaten path

12. Grenadier - The people

13. River pipes

14. Rumbrennereien

15. Vela

17. Cobras

18. Spice Mas (Carnival)

20. Watching turtles

21. Waterfalls

I've been to many of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations in the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, St. Martin, US Virgin Islands and the Mexican Caribbean, but not the Far East and South. .

Grenada caught my attention because it combines all the wonderful things the Caribbean has to offer in one small island, including amazing geography to explore (ocean, sea, beaches, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, lakes and rivers), warm and friendly local. people to meet, rich history to learn about, unique food and drinks to consume, neighboring islands to visit, a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveller, and so much more.

Where is Grenada anyway?

Before getting into the reasons why Grenada is worth visiting, it's good to know where it is located. I know you do!

Grenada is located in the eastern Caribbean and the southern tip of the Caribbean, in addition to the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). If you're like me, you need some clues and a photo. If you fly into Grenada, it's approximately 1,529 miles from Miami and just 515 miles from Venezuela.

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (1)

See my article for details on the location of GrenadaWhere is Grenada?

Grenada is actually made up of over 20 islands, with the main island of Grenada being the largest, followed by Carriacou and Petite Martinique. It's small compared to other Caribbean countries at just 130 square miles and less than 115,000 residents call Grenada home.

Have a look at my articles detailing all the small islands of GrenadaNumber of islands in Grenada, including small ones.You will be surprised!

When you're ready for a new travel destination, let's take a look at 20 reasons I think Grenada is worth visiting.


20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (2)

if someone mentions itCaribbeanWhere do your thoughts go? To the beaches, of course! Grenada doesn't disappoint when it comes to beaches. All beaches are public. Even when a resort appears to claim the length of a particular beach, it is necessary to allow public access to it.

With 45 beaches along Grenada's coast, you're sure to find one that suits you (pun intended). Below, I've listed some of the most popular ones and provided a description of each.

  • Bathway-Strand
  • Playa Grand Anse
  • Weisheitsstrand
  • Levera beach
  • beach magazine
  • Morne Rouge beach
  • playaparadies
  • small beach of anse
  • pink gin beach
  • yarn sweater


Located on the northeast side of the island, Bathway Beach is a bit hidden, but still easily accessible. There is a calm area of ​​the bay suitable for young children, but in general the water can be a bit choppy, especially in winter when the wind is blowing. On the weekends, locals like to hang out at Bathway Beach, but during the week it's almost deserted, leaving you almost alone to enjoy it. It is especially attractive for those who want to enjoy a little more solitude without the hustle and bustle of the restaurants and bars on other beaches.

Playa Grand Anse

Grand Anse Beach is the main island's most popular beach, with consistently calm conditions and soft white sand stretching for 2 miles. This beach is also considered by many travelers to be the most beautiful in Grenada. The beach is located on the southwest side of the island, where most of the hotels and resorts are located, creating an active and bustling atmosphere. Along Grand Anse you will find beach bars and restaurants.


La Sagesse beach is a calm, shallow bay in the southeastern part of the island. It's a very quiet area, but you can still enjoy food and drink at the nearby La Sagesse nature centre. Rumor has it you'll find a more secluded beach if you venture a trail along the southern end.

Levera beach

Beautiful semi-private beach on the north side of the island with full views of Sugar Island. It is recommended to rent a 4×4 vehicle to go through the rough terrain that will take you to this beach. From the shore, you can see nearby Sandy Island and Green Island. Between March and July, many turtles come here to nest and hatch their eggs.

beach magazine

Magazine Beach is also located on the southwest side of Grenada, north of Pink Gin and south of Morne Rouge. Check this out if you like a quieter environment but still close to the action.

Morne Rouge beach

Conditions are also very calm on Morne Rouge beach, as it is located in a bay on the southwest side of the island south of Grand Anse beach. Due to its calm nature, families with children enjoy spending time on this beach. This beach also has a number of bars and restaurants.


Located on the west coast of Carriacou, Paradise Beach is the most popular beach in Carriacou. Travelers who have ventured to the beach describe it as a stunning paradise with calm turquoise waters and soft white sand. If you're looking for a local atmosphere with restaurants and beach bars on a not so busy beach then Paradise is for you. If you want to go to the beach, you can easily take a water taxi from Granada.

small beach of anse

Petite Anse Beach is on the north side of Grenada. It's a palm-fringed beach that's a feast for the eyes, but travelers have reported that it's not an ideal spot for swimming, as it's often windy and the waves can be choppy.

pink gin beach

Sandals Resort is located on Pink Gin Beach, on the southwest coast of the main island of Grenada. Pink Gin Beach has soft white sand and calm, crystalline waters from the breakwater that surrounds the beach. The gentle waves are ideal for water activities.

yarn sweater

Not as popular as the others, but just as good looking. Check it out for a more private experience. Also on the north side of the island, but easier to get to than Praia de Levera (4x4 not needed).

go on a bike

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (3)

For cycling enthusiasts, cycling around the island can be a great way to explore the island. Imagine yourself quietly enjoying Grenada's stunning geography and nature while training all those rum runners you enjoyed on the beach.

The most importantCiudadThe roads are full of potholes, there are no shoulders and traffic can get very heavy. Therefore, many recommend avoiding them.

Outside the main towns (eg St Georges) you can cycle along highways and coastal paths. It is advisable to obtain a map of the cycling routes or sign up for a tour so as not to get lost, make the most of your time on the bike and discover the unmissable places.

Several companies on the island rent mountain bikes to explore and offer tours. If you check with your hotel, they can also rent bicycles.

Cycling in Carriacou is also a popular activity. The tiny island offers similar geography to the main island of Grenada, but with far less traffic, making cycling through the city streets a less of a shocking affair.

bird watching

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (4)

Grenada is a hidden gem when it comes to birding. There are 182 species of birds that can be observed on the three main islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Many of the birds you can find are also rare and some endangered species. According to Avibase – The World Database, below are the threatened, near threatened and endangered birds that you could see in Grenada:

common namesScientific name
Grenade Pigeon (Critically Endangered)Leptotila Wellsi
fast blackCypseloides niger
Eskimo Curlew (Critically Endangered)boreal deity
West Indian WigeonDendrocygna arborea
red knothot gray hair
Zarapito ZarapitoCalidris ferruginea
Playerito PechimarrónCalidris subruficollis
mid-palm shifta warm girl
Blackpoll-TrällererSetophaga striata

And wouldn't it be exciting to see a species endemic to Grenada? There are 3 including:

  • Granada-Taube (Leptotila wellsi)
  • Granada-Fliegenfänger (Myarchus nugator)
  • Kleine Antillen-Tanager (Tangara cucullata)

Serious birdwatchers will have the following places on their itinerary when visiting Grenada:

  • Hartman National Park
  • Nature's Wisdom Center
  • Deliver mangrove wetlands
  • Antoine-Ver
  • Upper North National Park
  • Grand Etang National Park and Lake –see my articleWhy Grand Etang Lake is a must-see on your next trip to Grenada
  • Palmiste-See

Some island tour operators also offer birding tours.tropical adventures.

Before you leave, be sure to get one of our recommended birding books specific to the Caribbean/West Indies region.You can see them here..


20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (5)

Grenada is one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean and therefore enjoys ideal temperatures all year round. In fact, the year-round average temperature is 81°C, even in January when some of the northern Caribbean islands are still in the 70°C range (eg Bahamas, Cuba, Mexican Caribbean).

Northeast trade winds help keep the climate pleasant, especially when the humidity starts to rise in the summer.

Being the Caribbean, there is a lot of sun of course, more in the dry season (8 hours a day) and only 1 hour less in the wet season.

In contrast to the more northerly and more popular islands like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Antigua and others, Grenada seemssignificantless hurricanes. Based on historical data from the National Hurricane Center, Grenada is likely to experience a hurricane in two of the six months of the hurricane season (June through November). Those months are August and September.

In the past 100 years, Grenada has been hit by three major hurricanes. Compare that to other islands in the Caribbean (see table below) and it's clear that Grenada is safer from hurricanes than most other islands.Did hurricanes get your attention? My article may interest youIs Grenada affected by hurricanes? What do you need to know before your trip?

Note: For the larger islands, I chose just one area rather than the entire island to make the comparison fairer (i.e., it could be argued that the larger islands were hit more often because they have a larger surface area). .

Hurricanes hit in the last 100 years

caribbean islandhurricanes hit
Negril, Jamaica7
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic8
Puerto Rico9
Saint Thomas US Virgin Islands11
Cayman Islandssixteen
Turks and Caicos Islandssixteen
Saint Martinsixteen
Grand Bahama, Bahamas22

From a climate safety standpoint, Grenada is ideal for a getaway during hurricane season, especially if exploring waterfalls is on your list, as this is when they are at their peak.


Grenada and its sister islands in the Lesser Antilles were formed millions of years ago by underwater volcanic eruptions. When an oceanic volcano erupts, lava and ash are formed, eventually leading to the formation of a geographically diverse island with mountains, waterfalls, valleys, rainforests, rivers, lakes and coastlines. Every hiker's dream.

Islands formed by volcanoes are characteristic of mountainous regions, valleys and crater lakes.

For a relatively small island, Grenada boasts an impressive 22 mountains ranging in height from 680 feet (Monte D'Or) to 2,755 feet (Monte Santa Catalina).

The warm, sunny climate and rich volcanic soil create the perfect environment for forests, foliage and flowers to grow. And the rainy season creates the island's lush rainforest.

Hiking and nature lovers can explore the island in a pure, natural and beautiful environment.

If you like a challenge, Granada offers mountain and river walks, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the island or from the top of a waterfall. (More on waterfalls later, deserves a section of its own!).

If you prefer a flat walk, the island offers coastal or lakeside walks or even a village walk.

About a dozen tour operators are on hand to guide you around the island if you decide to travel.


20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (6)

Before the 14th century, groups of indigenous people lived on the island of Grenada. They are known by many names including Arawak, Carib, Siboney and Kalinago. The latter are self-styled, so I'll do that too.

Throughout history, the French and British have fought for control of Grenada. The French were successful in this fight and quickly turned their attention to the Kalinago, launching attacks against them until they were finally wiped out.

But Kalinago fought hard and fiercely and was never able to prevail against the French, to the point where they literally jumped off a cliff to their death rather than surrender. This place was called "Le Morne des Sauteurs" by the French, which translates as "Leaper's Hill".

Today, Leaper's Hill is a popular historic site for locals and tourists alike.

Until Granada gained independence in 1974, the citizens were under Spanish, French and British rule. Today Grenada is an independent nation with a constitutional monarchy, which means that a prime minister resides in and reports to the head of state, currently Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1983, at the request of the Organization of the EastCaribbeanConditions (OECO) The United States invaded Grenada to quell riots sparked by a militant group that killed 16 people, including Maurice Bishop, a popular revolutionary then in power.

Agree, a complete overgeneralization of the country's history and many unintentional omissions. The truth is that I'm not an expert in history but I love to know the history of the islands I visit. I hope you understand what I mean: Grenada has a lot to offer history buffs.

Grenada has a long and interesting history. Many important events have happened over the years. Today, Grenadiers and tourists alike can explore preserved destinations and artifacts to ensure that history is never forgotten.

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Native American petroglyphs on Mt. rich and duquesne
  • The Belmont Estate
  • Die River Antoine Rumbrennerei
  • National Museum of Granada
  • Carriacou Museum
  • strong jorge
  • hill of richmond
  • Forte Frederick
  • The Douglaston Estate
  • Finca Westerhall e Rumbrennerei
  • Rio Antoine Rumbrennerei
  • jumping hill

island visits

Traveling to a Caribbean island is an incredible experience. If you already visited one or more nearby islands on your trip, it improved your experience exponentially.

Caribbean islands have a lot in common, lots of sun and beaches, but they also have unique characteristics, including culture, history, geography, reefs, other underwater gems and much more! This is why island hopping has become so popular.

Island Hopping – Traveling from one island to another, especially as a tourist in an area with small islands.

oxford dictionary
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (7)

Grenada is an ideal place for island hopping as it is a small island surrounded by other small islands. In fact, the nation ofGrenada is made up of 20 islandsin total. Three main islands - Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique - and 17 smaller islands.

Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited, but offer impressive landscapes and dreamy beaches. Below is a list of the smaller islands around the main island, Grenada:

  • diamanteninsel
  • round island
  • Caille Island (also known as Ile de Caille)
  • Fregatteninsel
  • big island
  • Green Island
  • sugar island
  • sand island
  • pig island–Find out how easy it is to get to Hog Island in my articleWhy Grenada's Pig Island is pig heaven and how to get there
  • Ilha Calivigny
  • Marques Island
  • salt island
  • Glover Island
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (8)

And other islands around Carriacou and Petit Martinique:

  • Jack-A-E-Insel
  • sand island
  • Mabouya-Insel
  • Iceland Photography
  • little island of dominica
  • mushroom island
  • white island
  • salt island
  • Fregatteninsel
  • big island
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (9)
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (10)

With ferry services and local Caribbean airlines, getting from one island nation to another is becoming easier. It is even possible to charter your own flights.

Neighboring islands are also high on travelers' bucket lists, and many are accessible from Grenada either directly or with a brief stopover in Barbados. Here are some to get you started:

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines -I have detailed5 ways to get from Granada to San VicenteIn this article!
  • barbados
  • Dominica
  • Antigua
  • Trinity
  • Road. lucy
  • Martinique
  • Montserrat

Music and dance

Granada has a rich and diverse history, which is expressed in many ways, including music and dance. Its traditional music and dances are the culmination of historical influences from West Africa, Spanish, French and British cultures, as well as more modern influences from neighboring islands.

According toCultural Foundation of Grenada"Popular music in Grenada includes calypso music, soca music and, to a lesser extent, reggae and dancehall. Soca made in Grenada has its own style, which goes by the name of 'jab jab' soca."

Carriacou is known for his Afro-Caribbean style of big drum song. The goatskin drum plays a central role in their traditional music and, as you can imagine, mimics the rhythm of an African tribe.

Annual music festivals are held in Carriacou and, to a lesser extent, on the main island of Grenada, celebrating history and freedom through song and dance.

  • Maroon & String Bank Music FestivalIt has its roots in Africa and Scotland, is celebrated in Carriacou and includes big drum dancing.
  • Pure Granada Music Festivalis a three-day festival held near Port Louis Marina every May.
  • In a moment we'll talk about the big festivals: Grenada Spice Mas' and Carriacou Carnival.

national parks

Nature lovers will get their money's worth when they visit Grenada. The country is serious about protecting and preserving the natural beauty of its islands, implementing measures to protect and conserve the resources of its national parks, forest reserves and maritime landscapes.

This gives locals and tourists alike ample opportunities to appreciate Grenada's natural beauty. You can visit the national parks for free every day except the Grand Etang which charges a few dollars. Hike through forests, rainforests, mountains and fields.

Stop for a swim in the falls, get a panoramic view, marvel at the wildlife or just take a hike to get rid of all those rum drinkers on the beach.

Grand Etang National Parkgranada
Mount Saint Catherine National Parkgranada
Palancas-Archipelago-National Parkgranada
Mount Hartman National Parkgranada
Upper North National Parkcarriacou
Belair National Parkcarriacou
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (11)
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (12)

Off the tourist trail

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (13)

If you've traveled the Caribbean like I have, you might be looking for something new and different. Grenada offers this and much more.

Be honest: does another trip to Jamaica, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic really fill you with awe and enthusiasm for what you're about to experience? Probably not if you've been there. Don't get me wrong, sinking your toes into the soft white sand and gazing out over turquoise waters is always exciting (and that's where I love to be), but don't you also want to try something new, different and different? of the place? the beaten path?

Off the beaten path: An off the beaten path location in a central, popular or touristy area.

your dictionary

More than half a million people visited Grenada in 2018, so it's not exactly an unknown destination. At the same time, Jamaica has absorbed nearly six times as many people as Grenada. In fact, more and more travelers are discovering the wonders that Grenada has to offer.

With all the activities on the island, there is something for everyone in your tour group to enjoy.

Grenadier - People

Friendly, welcoming, charming, positive and helpful. These are the most used words to describe the people of Grenada. Maybe it's their relaxed lifestyle or their awareness that tourism drives their economy. Still, who wouldn't want to vacation near places that appreciate and welcome you?

flow hose

For adventurous or just plain hard-to-please (teenagers?) fellow travelers, there are several Grenada tour operators offering the thrill of a rafting trip on the Balthazar River, otherwise known as the Great River of Grenada.

If it's a particularly hot or humid day, brave the heat and witness the hinterland meandering along the Balthazar River. Admire the tropical vegetation and wildlife as you cruise down the river (or snorkel depending on the time of year) until you reach the part of the river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean: Great River Bay

rumbrener eggs

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (14)

The island nations of the Caribbean are known for their long tradition of rum-making. As Grenada offers excellent conditions for growing the main ingredient of the popular drink, sugar cane, Grenada has also long been involved in the production of rum.

One of the most popular rum distilleries on the island, River Antoine Rum, still produces its white rum using the same methods as when it opened in 1785. The 26-foot-tall waterwheel is still powered by piped water from the river and, ultimately serves to trigger the equipment that crushes the cane to extract the juice from the cane.

Visitors said that visiting the facility was like stepping back in time, as not much has changed: the equipment, methods and construction have remained largely the same.

At a minimum alcohol content of 75% (150 proof), you can't take home that particular concentration - it far exceeds TSA limits.

River Antoine is not the only distillery that produces rum and offers tours of the island, there are two others: Clarke's Court Estate and Westerhall Rum Distillery.

To browse

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (15)

The islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique have a rich boat building history. Maybe that's why Grenada has always been a friend to sailors. Sheltered bays and marinas are available to those traveling to Grenada by private boat.

Grenada has no shortage of marinas, including the following world-class marinas:

  • Port Louis
  • Faro Azul Der Marina
  • pointed bay
20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (16)

If you didn't arrive by boat, you might be interested in exploring the coast, bays or one of Grenada's small islands (eg Sandy, Hog or Calivigny). No problem. You can choose between tour operators and types of boats: catamaran, trimaran, traditional wooden sloop and even wooden schooner.

Grenada takes sailing seriously. Check out these annual events that locals share with the people they attract around the world.

  • Granada-Segelwocheis a 5-day regatta that takes place in Grenada every year in late January/early February. Boating enthusiasts from around the world flock to this festival, which includes yacht races, live music, food and drink, a working boat regatta, a swimming gala and kayak races.Hey, are you going to visit Grenada in February? Check out other cool stuff:Festivals and events in February in Grenada.
  • Carriacou-Regatta-Festivalis another popular event that takes place every year in the height of summer (late July/early August). In fact, it is the biggest festival of its kind in the region. Over five to seven days there will be races for different classes, including yachts, sloops, open longboats and traditional workboats. It's a big party with races during the day and live entertainment, food, drink, dancing and fireworks at night.

Less traditional activities include donkey races, long pole walks, bicycle races and drinking competitions.

Diving and snorkeling

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (17)

Did you know Grenada is known as the wreck diving capital of the Eastern Caribbean? Grenada also offers divers endless opportunities to explore with over 30 sites featuring amazing reefs, reef walls, shipwrecks and of course the popular Underwater Sculpture Park.

Arguably the most popular shipwreck attraction in Grenada is the Bianca C, often referred to as the "Titanic of the Caribbean". after exploding, it caught fire at the gates of Grenada. Today it is located on the main island of Grenada and is a gem for diving enthusiasts.

Grenada is also home to the first Underwater Sculpture Park, a very popular underwater attraction. Constructed in 2006 by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, it consists of 75 amazing concrete and steel sculptures that stand approximately 9 to 16 feet underwater. Some are just 2 meters below the water's surface, making them easy for divers to take advantage of.

Below is a list of the 20 most popular dive sites in Grenada.

rock coveriffcarriacou
arc of truthriffcarriacou
bianca cfuchsiagranada
black rocksriffcarriacou
tank pointWandcarriacou
dragon bayriffgranada
fisherman's paradiseriffgranada
König Mitchfuchsiagranada
MS Persia IIfuchsiagranada
colina tropicalriffcarriacou
West Sidefuchsiacarriacou
white sand beachriffcarriacou
underwater sculpture parkSculpturegranada


If you're a snake lover, there's bad news. The snake population on the island is low.

If you're a cat with a fear of snakes, there's good news! The snake population on the island is low and none of them are venomous!

Only four species of snakes live on the island, including the following:

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (18)
  • Grenada-Bank-Baumboa
  • Cribo
  • Barbour's tropical corridor
  • Blind snake from the bank of Grenada

Snake sightings are very rare. If you want to find one, a hike in the mountains or rainforest is your best bet.

see my articleAre there snakes in Grenada?learn more.

Spice Mas (Carnival)

Almost all countries in the Caribbean celebrate Mardi Gras and are eager to share the great festivities with visitors.

Have you never heard of carnival? Historically, it was a great feast brought by Europeans and intended to celebrate the days leading up to Lent. With the end of slavery, some islands expanded the celebrations to also celebrate the newly won freedom.

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (19)

Carnival is a huge event that takes a year of planning and many islands even sell tickets to the event. The celebrations are pretty crazy and often include elaborate masks and costumes, parades, beauty pageants, dancing competitions and, of course, food, drink and dancing.

Many Caribbean islands have stayed true to the traditional spirit of the festival, holding their carnivals in February before Ash Wednesday. Carriacou Carnival takes place in February.

Other islands have chosen to hold their carnivals at different times of the year, including the main island of Grenada. Grenada often hosts its version of the carnival called "Spice Mas" from the second weekend in July to the second Tuesday in August.

Spice Mas includes many of the traditional carnival activities such as parades, elaborate masks and costumes, dance competitions and beauty pageants. Spice Mas includes some unique events like Jab Jab, where people dress up as devilish characters by applying a mixture of mud and oil to their faces and bodies.

The history and development of carnival is quite complicated. I won't try to go into detail, but suffice it to say that if you're visiting Grenada during the Spice Mas or Carrriacou Carnival, this is a tour not to be missed.

spices and cocoa

Well, if this list wasn't in alphabetical order, Spices & Cocoa would definitely be number 1.

You go to Cuba to buy cigars, St. Thomas for jewelry, Jamaica for coffee and Puerto Rico for rum, but what do you buy in Grenada? Spices, of course!

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (20)

Grenada is known as the "island of spices" for its production of a variety of spices, including:

  • noz-nutmeg from the mace
  • clove
  • Pepper
  • cinnamon
  • bay leaf
  • Red-haired
  • Turmeric (Saffron)
  • Pfeffer

Grenada's famous exports are not just limited to spices. They are also experts in crafting these fine ingredients:

  • Cocoa
  • in vain

Want to know about the history behind Spice Island? see my articleHow Grenada became known as the Isle of Spices.

Foods made from these organically grown spices are also available, such as jams, jellies, syrups, juices and sweets. You can buy the spices on one of the many food or spice plantation tours offered or visit one of the many shopping centers in Granada.

turtle watching

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (21)

The leatherback sea turtle, the largest living and endangered species of marine reptile, nests on Grenada's beaches.

The largest breeding population is found at Levera Beach on the east coast of Grenada, in the parish of St. Patrick. From April to July, the turtles return to lay their eggs. Sadly, they are critically endangered, with only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings surviving to adulthood due to human predation, pollution and climate change.

The Environmental and Community Tourism of St. Patrick (SPECTO) is a local conservation group whose mission is to protect and conserve the environment, with a particular focus on protecting leatherback turtles.

To raise awareness and raise additional funds for conservation efforts, SPECTO offers leatherback tours during the breeding season, where you can watch leatherbacks come ashore to lay eggs.

Learn more about SPECTO or schedule a visit.

the water falls

20 reasons why Grenada is worth visiting - Caribbean Authority (22)

Due to the orientation of Grenada's mountains, rainforests and rivers, there are over 18 impressive waterfalls, including:

  • Annandale Falls
  • Concord Falls (including 3 falls)
  • The Lamb's Moon Waterfall
  • Mount Carmel Falls (including 2 falls)
  • Paraklete Waterfall (includes 2 waterfalls)
  • Seven Sisters Waterfalls (including 7 waterfalls)
  • tufton hall waterfall
  • Cascada de Adelfos

The best part is that you don't have to bebum joeto visit some of the waterfalls. Some are even wheelchair accessible.

If you are Joe Hiker, good news! The island offers countless opportunities for a challenging hike. In fact, some are so challenging that hiring a guide is highly recommended.

MeinGrenada's Complete Waterfalls GuideIt's a must if you plan on exploring the falls.

Grenada is a cool Caribbean destination that has something for everyone. I hope you find it worth more than one visit. This article is just the tip of the iceberg as there is so much more to see and do in Grenada. Hope to see you there soon!

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